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iTunes Login to your Account this has been ongoing for about one and a half years, it started when one day i signed in and discovered that nearly everly. single. song was mismatched all over the place, it took me a while to understand why because i'm not tech savvy, but discovered that the sorting on each song had changed (for example, a piece by Beethoven would have the artist as Beethoven, but the Sort Artist under David Bowie etc...) I spent a year redoing everything, going through every single artist manually and changing it, hoping that would be the end of it. But now it's happening again, I do a thing where I change the Sort Artist and the Viewed Artist of an album to a certain classical composer so that it's all under his name in one place, however every week or so when i sign into itunes, it's all reverted back to the original artist name (IN NAME ONLY) by that i mean when i click on the piece of music, iTunes Login to your Account it immediately resets and jumps back down to where it should be (H?ndel for example) this is extremely frustrating as each time i sync my ipod it gets the mismatched artist info again, how in ** name do i stop this? for clarification: with the pieces on which i click to revert back to normal, when i check their info, they have not only the correct artist, but also the correct sorting artist in place which i have put there, so it makes no sense why they would revert I am so frustrated I am sure someone knows the answer to this question but I have yet to find it. I just upgraded to IOS 7 on my iPhone and I upgraded my iTines to thelatest and greatest version. iTunes Login to your Account Now when I connect my phone to iTunes and look at the phone under device I see that there are a number of songs listed...all are greyed out and can not be selected. NONE of these songs are on my iPhone. I AM using iTunes Match and have been since Jan 2013. I had a similar issue with the last upgrades and for the life of me can not remember how I fixed it. I have a feeling that I had to completely eliminate everything from my library which is something that I do not want to do. Does anyone know of a fix for this problem? I have tried everything that I can think of...from shutting off iTunes Match on my phone from reloading iTunes Match within iTunes. This is what my screen looks like... So I recently restored my iPhone 5 because of an excessive amount of "other" on it. I have done this before with no problem. I have an iTunes Match subscription and never before has it been affected by the restore process. This time however it is no longer working. iTunes Login to your Account My library shows up on my phone, nothing is grayed out, but when I tap on the song it won't play and then it starts skipping through every track. Also my tracks that weren't purchased through the store (tracks I had downloaded from Amazon, uploaded from my CDs, etc) do not show up on my iPhone. The weird thing is that at the top of the songs list where it says how many songs there are, the number keeps spazzing out and changing every second as if it is still counting songs. It's also not letting me download any songs. I recently changed my Apple ID email/username/password but it didn't affect my Match account before. I've tried turning Match on and off on both my laptop and iPhone multiple times, I've tried updating...nothing works! I know this is a complicated question, but has this happened to anyone else? Please help me if you can! My iPhone 5 is running 7.1.2 and my iTunes is 11.3. iTunes Match on the iPhone 4 uses all available space (8GB). The deactivation and reactivation does not work. The problem persists! Even unplugging the Apple ID and opening the Music app there are still all the artists, playlists, albums, etc. etc. (in the settings app music occupies 0 bytes! Have not saved songs). I have already restored three times! restarting iPhone available space returns to 8GB, iTunes Login to your Account opening the Music app after a few minutes iOS noted that the space is occupied. iPad 2 and iPhone 3GS regularly work with the same Apple ID!

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iTunes Login to your Account If your iPhone is stuck in Recovery Mode, this fix should restore your iPhone to the factory settings, but a backup should have been created automatically when the OS was updated so you will have the option to restore from backup once the repair is made. If iTunes is open, exit iTunes Disconnect iPhone from computer USB Click Start menu on desktop Go to Control Panel Go to Programs Go to Programs and Features Select Apple Mobile Device Support and click repair Connect iPhone to computer USB (device should install automatically) Open iTunes When prompted, click restore iPhone OS should install now and restore factory settings iPhone will automatically restart when OS is successfully installed, and you will have the option to setup as new or restore from backup. If you wish to keep your files and settings, click restore from backup and wait until your iPhone is fully synced. If there are any discrepancies in your contacts or whatever, iTunes Login to your Account you will have the option to choose the correct contact to sync now or sync later. Once your iPhone is fully synced, follow the prompts on the iPhone and that's it! Now the next step will be figuring out how to use your iPhone with the fancy new OS! Itunes is updated. Recognizes iPhone 5. My first gen iPad went on the blitz after the update and would kill off after five minutes, no matter if it was fully charged or not. I attempted the obvious restarts and resets. Reset back to factory settings via iTunes. After that it requests to be registered again, however it will not go through. Attempt to hook it to iTunes as suggested but it eventually says iTunes is "Unable to help" and isn't recognized. Attempted the home/off reboot, plug to computer/hold home key, but iTunes does not recognize iPad at all in this state. I've read that some suggest this is a software issue and that Apple suggests this is a hardware issue. What are my options at this stage? Can this be repaired at all? I'm a long time iTunes user, but recently iTunes has been plaguing me. When I try to sync my iPhone, it will stop within 100 tracks, disconnect my device, iTunes Login to your Account and restart the sync. While some files are on my phone, some are not, and iTunes appears to recognize this as "Other," which amasses to gigabytes of storage over multiple attempts. I've reset my phone multiple times, and tried syncing with my iPod Touch and my friend's iPod Classic, which resulted in the same problems. So, this appears to be some problem with iTunes. On a Windows 7 Pro SP1 Toshiba Satellite A505 64bit laptop, when I run Itunes, no windows ever appears. If I watch Task Manager, "itunes.exe *32" appears briefly then disappears.I ended ipodservice.exe, no diff. Started Itunes in Itunes safemode, no diff (in Windows normal mode OR windows safe mode). I tried creating another user - same issue. I tried disabling the antivirus. I scanned for viruses. I uninstalled ALL the apple software and removed ALL the apple related folders (incl bonjour, apple blah, quicktimes, itunes, etc), as per The problem persisted. After the most recent removal / reinstall,I went to event viewer > applications and found the following items. I didn't find anything online relating to es.dll and itunes. I moved my play list to my new computer using home sharing. Now I can't get my phone to sync with the new computer. won't even give me the option to hit sync with device. I just purchased a Sonos system to play music throughout the house. It accesses itunes to play. However I've found that .m4p files that were purchased before 2009 will not play. iTunes Login to your Account Apparently they are protected. I've heard there is a way to fix this but can't seem to find an answer on Apple Help.

iTunes Login to your Account

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iTunes Login to your Account

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